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Chris Thelen, MAWhere’s My Eraser? The Marvels and Mishaps of My American Education Experience explores how students’ and educators’ everyday experiences can help us shape educational policy and practice. It is dedicated to giving voice to those who are rarely heard in our discourse about education. Through sharing personal stories and discussing some of the most influential topics in education today, this site aims to build understanding of the importance of educational narratives.

Chris Thelen, the author, is a recent recipient of an MA degree in Educational Policy and Leadership from the University of Michigan School of Education. She has extensive experience teaching and tutoring children and adults in a wide range of subjects and ability levels, including a year spent as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Washington, DC. Chris’ educational research has focused on numerous areas including adult education, after-school tutoring programs, fiscal and legal policies in schools, and the foundations of the American education system.

Interested in sharing content from Where’s My Eraser? on your blog or website? Please contact the author for prior approval.

The words and views expressed here are her own and do not reflect those of any other person or entity.

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